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you are life.


you are part of the web of intelligence, creativity and beauty that connects all things, relates to all things, that grows in and is enmeshed within the ever expanding template of the divine.


but in our time this knowledge has largely been forgotten. is it possible to remember what we truly are?

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a gathering of batteries is about restoring the ancient memory of our spiritual nature, at the critical juncture where humanity has fallen so far from spirit, so far from maintaining the balance between human ambition and the health of the planet.


it is sourced from nature’s cry to remind us that we are not separate from her, that we are part of the web of life, which employs us with the responsibility to be in service to something higher.


it seeks to recharge this wisdom through bringing together that which was seen as separate, to reunite positive and negative, masculine and feminine, and to help power up a whole new frequency on this earth.


ultimately, to shock you into the recognition of what you are.

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intended to be listened to as a whole, the album was conceived of and produced by matt hornick with the other band members acting as brush strokes within his singular vision.


combining blissed out sound baths and electromagnetic sing alongs with fully charged ecstatic dance arrangements, the intention is to take listeners on a film-like journey inward.


the songs are supported by satellites of spoken transmissions from terrance mckenna, zach bush, orland bishop, rudolf steiner and bob monroe, prompting listeners to meditate on interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit within nature and the universe.

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both autobiographical and conceptual, the album  is inspired  by a series of consciousness expanding experiences, leaving canada during the height of the covid era to take refuge in santa teresa, costa rica, and finding community, complete with a love story along the way.


it’s about reconnecting not just to the nature outside outselves, but also ‘our nature’ as a soul going through the human experience at this time, in this strange moment in the cosmic drama.  

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out of this journey, “a gathering of batteries” was born. the title of the album riffs on zach bush’s and many others’ notion that we live in a time of great individual and collective change. not only within the outer structures we inhabit day to day—the political, economic, technological, etc, but a change within consciousness itself.


many feel as though we are living through this transformation in real-time. it is for anyone on that timeline. it is about the painful, terrifying, yet beautiful metamorphosis of growing the soul—complete with its trials, tests, and tribulations. it’s time to power up that reality.

do you hear the signal?

releasing independently fall 2024

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